About Us


Premier Clean is a professional cleaning company with over 18 years experience. We are a family run organisation based in the Southampton area and have grown our business through exceptionally high standards of work and respect for our customers.


We provide a specialist pressure washing cleaning service for driveways, pathways, patios and other areas of residential and commercial property. Any hard landscaped area made up of block paving, tarmac, concrete, or other stone surface is suitable for our system.

Our high-tech pressure washing equipment is vastly superior to domestic pressure washers and enables us to operate more quickly and efficiently with less collateral mess to surroundings. Each customer receives a tailored solution to their cleaning requirement. After cleaning, customers may choose to have selected paved surfaces sealed.


The Process we follow:



Each customer's requirements receives individual attention with tailored solutions to their cleaning problems, which achieve the desired objectives with minimum disruption and cost.